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An Idea "On Paper"

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

My father told me once that if you want to see an idea come into reality then you have to put it on paper, meaning collect your thoughts, organize them, write them down, and follow through. This is my attempt to do just that. So, the idea I have is this...create videos that will hopefully influence at least one person to think critically about their salvation. What does that looks like, I still don't know but I am working on it.

I have several ideas and I just may try to do them all. Idea #1: create quick videos that actually answer (or attempts to answer) life's difficult questions...according The Bible. I know what you are thinking and yes, I agree I am not a genius, but I can at least try. Idea #2: work with churches and other spiritually focused groups to create videos that promote their goals. Idea #3: work with missionaries to create videos that assist them when they report back to the churches that support them.

Idea #1 is going to be all on me, meaning that it is up to me to get the answers to those important questions and make the videos to share. I hope to use the men and women in my life who are wiser and possess more knowledge than me to share and guide me. Through reading and research I should be able to find the answers while bettering myself in the process. To me this has the greatest potential for both positive and negative feedback as people on the internet are not afraid to share there option. But in reality that is what I start a conversation, or at least cause someone to think about the questions.

Idea #2 is meant as a way to help local churches and spiritually focused organizations with ideas for videos that either promote their goals or to use as a way to reach those that could use their services. For example, the House of Hope in Florence needs a video created, but is short on funds. Or a local church would like a video created to promote an upcoming event, but doesn't have the resources. I would then step in a help out. I think the biggest hurdle for this idea is letting my local community know that I want to help out.

Idea #3 is one that I am excited about if I can get someone to take me up on it. Having helped a few missionaries with promotional videos, I learned a few things. They do a great job with what they have, meaning they take the best photographs they can and then we would put together a "slideshow video". While this is good, there is always better. My idea is to travel to the missionary and put together a video while visiting them. In my opinion this would be invaluable to the missionary. Being able to capture their story while in the middle of doing the work will greatly increase the production quality of the video and aid in their reports back to their supporting churches.

So, if you think you can help me with these ideas I am all ears.

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