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Apple's M1 Max: Is The 6K Beast Right For You?

You can spend over $6,000 on the new MacBook Pro, but for those on a budget, you can get the base model for $1,999. So, how do you decide whether or not to buy the new MacBook Pro or any computer for that matter? Should you get a Mac or should you get a PC? Should you get a laptop or should you get a desktop? How much should you pay for a computer? These are all questions I have been asked, and so I thought I would take some time to right down my thoughts and share them with you.

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Apple recently announced their new MacBook Pro laptops, and they are a least according to the specs. No normal people have their hands on one yet, so it is hard to know exactly how good the new chips are going to perform. For me, the best feature is that PORTS ARE BACK! We can't forget that they brought back MagSafe charging! This alone almost makes it worth upgrading. The new SoC (System on a Chip) is going to be a game changer. Some will say this is a great move, and some will say it is not. For me, I think it is great. Apple is trading customization for better efficiency and performance to make sure the end user has a great experience when using their devices.

Here is a good follow up article if your want more info...

Only get a Mac if any of the following are true:

1) You don't mind paying a premium

2) You are NOT operating in a Windows environment that requires you to be networked

3) You are a graphics artist, photographer, or videographer

4) You use programs that are only offered on a Mac

5) You want to be cool like me, since I use a Mac with Final Cut X to edit my videos

So, is the new MacBook Pro right for you? My short answer is...probably not. Hopefully you are asking yourself well, "which computer is right for me"? Let me start by saying this "you get what you pay for." For me there are three things I look for in a computer, so lets dive in. The processor is what actually does the work when you are surfing Facebook or working on the next invention to change the world. Be careful when picking a processor as they are more difficult to upgrade later. The hard drive or storage device you choose is important for two reasons. First, the amount storage has to be enough to install an operating system and all of the applications you want to run. Second, the speed of the storage plays a factor into how fast you can access the stored data. Solid state drives don't have moving parts like a traditional spinning hard drive. Therefore making them faster at accessing the data. Memory is what the computer uses to get your "to-do" list done. The amount of memory installed allows your "to-do" list to be longer, and the speed of the memory is how fast your computer can accomplish your "to-do" list. With all that being said, below is what I would recommend as the minimum specs when purchasing a computer for home use.

Minimum PC Specs: Home Use

1) Processor - Intel i5 or higher (latest gen); as of this article 11th Gen is the newest

2) Storage - 512Gb SSD (Solid State Drive); the faster the better

3) Memory - 8Gb; as of this article DDR4 is the fastest available

When searching for a computer, use the minimum specs and then choose which brand closely fits your budget. If interested you can use the websites below to shop around.

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