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I did my first vlog (no, I am not going to start vlogging full time). Check it out here. For those that don't know what a "vlog" is, it is basically a blog with video content. Most of the popular vloggers do a daily vlog, they also tend to lead more interesting lives. Casey Neistat is very good at it, you should go check him out on YouTube.

Doing a project that is out of my comfort zone to push myself creatively is why I wanted to do a vlog. I am excited I finally decided to go for it. For the most part my life is boring and nobody would want to watch a vlog about my it. But I joined the family on vacation and decided that a day at the beach and riding on a boat would be somewhat interesting (plus I think my kid can be funny).


Vlogging is very, very, very time consuming. I really enjoyed the experience and I am glad to have done it, but I don't think it is something I could do everyday. I tried to stick to the daily vlog "flow"; meaning shot, edit, and upload all in the same day...that didn't happen. I had to edit the day after. This means that there are some things that I may have reworked or done a little different if the video had a different purpose, but I think the end result is good.

Having all of the equipment with you the whole day was a little aggravating. And it would definitely take some getting use to holding the camera out to talk to it. Plus with not knowing what would look good in the final video means I captured everything. But I don't consider that a bad thing, I forced myself to creatively capture everyday tasks that are for the most part not interesting to watch. Trying to come up with creative angles and unique perspectives was challenging and fun. You made it to the end of the blog and for that I thank you. As always, stay amazing!

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