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The Sower - Florence Baptist Temple

Recently, I was able to film the reveal of The Sower. The Florence Baptist Temple celebrated its 50th anniversary or "Jubilee" by having a statue designed and built that represents what the church has been called to do...sow the seed of The Gospel. It was great day celebrating the successes that God has given the church over the years. Pastor Bill Monroe founded FBT in 1969 and has been with the church ever since. A testament to his drive and vision to do great things in the Pee Dee area.

The Sower

I have to give a special thanks to Mr. Rodney Godwin for helping me with this. I couldn't do all the things required to pull off the shots I wanted by myself and he stepped up to help. It was much appreciated!

Mr. Ryan Caudill with the church approached me about filming the ceremony where The Sower was going to be revealed. He didn't give me any guidelines other than they wanted the ceremony filmed for nostalgic purposes. I told him that I would like to put together a short video to recap the event.

The ceremony was only about ten minutes where Preacher Monroe thanked the church for their support and the designer for his hard work on making The Sower a reality. There was also a prayer, a few songs, and then the big reveal.

I setup my GoPro Hero 7 to capture the angle you see above which turned out a lot better than I expected. I had my Canon EOSr capturing as much of the details as I could. Of course the Mavic 2 Pro was in a point of interest (POI) mode being monitored by Mr. Godwin. With my Canon G50 as a stationary wide shot.

I am working on putting together to the whole ceremony mixed with all of the angles I captured so the church can have it for nostalgia.

Check out the church's website to learn more about their ministry.

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